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Breten Bryden
Intuitive Angel Artist

Did you ever want to see what your own guardian angel or spirit guide looks like? Now you can ! Here is a unique process in which  Breten combines her talents as an accomplished painter and a spiritual intuitive or channel, to allow YOUR very own angel to have visual presence on canvas!

During a state of meditation, Breten calls upon your angel, spirit guides or any other higher entity that is watching over you, and  allows their energy to flow through her and guide her as she paints. She receives information as a clairaudient, and a clairsentient but will also just let go and allow the angel to guide her hand as she paints- never knowing what will come out of it.  While painting, Breten asks that the canvas be infused with your angels higher frequency, healing energy for your benefit.  As she paints,  messages, names,  words,  or sometimes other information might come through that she will write down and include on a separate page to go along with your painting. So you get your own angel painting AND an reading! The commissioned pieces measure from 8"x10" up.
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  Because angels are the universal sign of hope and healing, she also offers "Healing Angel" paintings, infused with higher frequency angel energy. These angel paintings are painted in a similar way as the commissioned ones, only, in a meditative state she will call in any angel that wants to come through to help humanity.  The "Healing Angel" paintings start as small as a baseball card aka: ACEO's,  so they can easily be held in one's hand or put in greeting or sympathy card,  a kept in a pocket or purse. 
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What is "Healing Energy Art"? It is art that is infused with higher frequency energy that promotes well being and even healing.  People can benefit as they gaze upon the original piece of art. It may bring about a physical, emotional or spiritual healing.   Breten states "I do not heal anyone. I am merely the conduit - or an open channel through which energy flows."
 "My angel paintings seem to come from nowhere. I can't even say that I'm the one who paints them as they just flow out of  me. It's totally an intuitive process. The paint will start flying and then the angel reveals itself to me, and each one is totally unique. Every time I paint one I am thrilled and amazed!" 



See her Etsy or Ebay store for prices.



Check her  Ebay store and Etsy store
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